셀러브리티 스니커 (feat 키드커디)
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When every other rockstar is still wearing vintage band tees, the real rockstars trade theirs in for comic tees. A simple pair of Vans will validate the look too.
Nothing says rockstar glamour like an unbuttoned plaid shirt, Vans and DIY cut-off jeans. Personalization is key here for Cudi.
What are the odds you run into three style wizards all at the same time?
A graphic tee is the move when it comes to upgrading your skinny jeans and leather jacket pairing to give it the real rockstar edge.
Nothing says rockstar like I’m just gonna keep wearing the same jeans until they’re destroyed. Fortunately, that’s what you’re supposed to do with APC jeans.
Rockstars wearing others rockstars’ band tees is the ultimate rebel style move. The skinny jeans and high-top SB Dunks are a nice accent, too.
If they were good enough for RUN DMC, you know Cudi’s gonna give it that rockstar flair.

Aired so High He Landed on the Moon

Cudi’s been sporting Jays since before he was gaining momentum as a hip-hop artist and they seem to be an essential that’s always in his footwear rotation. The best part about his selection of Jordans is how diverse they are. One day he’s got the full-blown rockstar look going with a pair of Black Cat 4s and the next he might be repping the Raptor 7s.

What’s so inspirational about Kid Cudi’s affinity for Jordans isn’t the fact that he has all the classics, but the fact that he pairs them with other classic essentials – allowing people to take note of his ultra-curated look.

Yes, his style obviously has a glamorous edge to it, but it also has this preppy appeal, which alludes to the simplicity of it all. That being said, this isn’t the Hamptons sort of preppy, this style has the Cudi flair that few can actually replicate.

The difference of adding a leather jacket to your skinny jeans and Jordans combo is Day N’ Nite.
All kinds of art happening on stage, but the Murakami jacket might be stealing the show.
Keeping a slim and neutral color palette is a surefire way to make your Jordan 4s the star of the show.
Want to dress up sweats for any occasion? Pair it with a top-coat and some Jordan 3s to exemplify the look that only a rockstar can.
Kid Cudi has mastered the way to make every number of Jordans look good thanks to his minimal, yet edgy style approach.
Wearing two grails at once is a good start to cementing your legacy as a style icon.
Call in the big guns. A vintage band tee, some worn-in APC jeans, and pair of White/Cement 3s is a great way to take your style perception from ordinary to legendary.
Wear all-black with a white pair of Jordan 3s and it’s game-over. Nobody else has a chance at winning.
True Blues and true style.

Up, Up, and Away

Known to break out some of the most impressive sneakers to ever release, Mr. Cudder’s got the wardrobe essentials to pair with them. In fact, his style is so timeless that he’s dressing for the future, while paying homage to the past – all at the same time.

Putting together some of the most eclectic finds in fashion, Kid Cudi worked for A Bathing Ape during his early tenure living in New York City, which would certainly explain his affinity for rocking the iconic camo print almost everywhere he goes. He’s also had a series of clothing collaborations with the brand that released with him appearing in the classic BAPE character motif along with the infamous Baby Milo graphic. You’ll see him repping the brand with everything from hyped Jordans and Vans to high-end designer labels like Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers.

Breaking out some of the most grailed sneakers of all time, Kid Cudi breaks out everything from the famed Nike Air MAGs, Yeezys (both Nike and adidas) and even the Louis Vuitton Don – all of which make sense, as it was Kanye himself that helped propel his career, eventually putting him on the map for the G.O.O.D music label.

Kid Cudi’s style with these sneakers is impossibly simple – usually consisting of neutral fitted tees and selvedge denim.

Even legends are inspired by other legends. Wearing Yeezys with over-sized essentials like Cudi is Kanye approved.
Kid Cudi is officially the man on the moon. His style is futuristic (Yeezy 750s) and timeless (Vintage Queen tee) all at the same time.
Kid Cudi is back from the future and checked to see if his style is still timeless. Needles to say it is. Apparently Air Mags are also a more common thing there.
Kid Cudi’s pairing of his Bape Shark hoodie and Golden Goose sneakers is a wicked awesome look that only a rockstar could replicate.
Dressing with simplicity is an easy way to make sure your style doesn’t get stuck looking dated.
If you have a pair of Yeezy 2s, you’re style is probably on a level that’s out of this solar system.
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