셀러브리티 스니커 (feat 제리 로렌조)
2018-04-15 12:30:29


An iconic and timeless era in fashion.
The new wave of grunge.
It’s like the ’90s never left. Tie-dye still lives on.
White on white is an easy combo as long as you have some pop in your accessories.
When you’re recreating a fashion style from the past, you may as well apply the same logic to your sneaker collaborations.
Even the legends find it difficult not to fanboy out on a Hiroki original.
An oversize tee with tailored sweats to match is a casual fashion power move.
Even with basics, it doesn’t take much to stand out. Strategic layering is what sets the average joes apart from the heroes.
Not keen on spending $500 on a pair of mesh FOG shorts? Even Jerry puts his stamp of approval on the classic Mitchell & Ness shorts. You might even have a little left over for more teams and colors.
Throw out all those prep rules you heard about fashion and shatter them into pieces. They don’t apply to having a modern street edge.
The next outfit you can wear with your Flyknit Trainers. You’re welcome.
Everything is oversized in the pictures, but they couldn’t fit any better together. Literally and figuratively.
The ’90s Saturday morning way to wear your Jordan 1s.
Seize the summer. Your prints and patterns don’t even need to match anymore. It’s all about the right fit.
Your ’90s skate essentials just made a triumphant return.

Putting his own tailspin onto the military vibes.
Your wardrobe is a device to tell a story about what you’re wearing. Jerry’s jacket ties the military boot detailing on his FOG sneakers.
Cohesive neutral hues actually make you stand out more, even if you are trying to stay camouflaged.
Making a totally tonal statement.
Yeezy 750s are a surefire way to add some contrast to your neutral wardrobe palette.
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2018-04-15 21:30:16

제리 로렌조!!
제가 가장 애정하는 디자이너
하지만 피오갓 정규 컬렉션 상품은 넘사벽
그나마 에센셜이라도 내주는 게 감지덕지!!

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