셀러브리티 스니커 (저스트돈 특집)
2018-12-22 08:56:21
Taking flight like the ’85 Bulls.
Candy colored tones to match your platinum Prada pants.
The retro made modern way to layer Jumpman essentials and gamed warm-ups.
Don C’s Jordan Legacy 312 comes in plenty of colorways to match your collection of Mitchell & Ness jerseys.
Coast to coast. Don has a snakeskin embellished hat to match your city and your team.
You wouldn’t think to pair sweats with a flannel. Try throwing in with your favorite jersey underneath and a neutral pair of Js like Don’s signature Jordan 2s for a more contemporary look.
LA native essentials.
The casual way to dress up Saturday morning essentials.
Motorsport vibes.
Don C’s Jordan Legacy 312 make it easy to pair with other throwback classics, like vintage tees and basketball shorts.
Roc boys.
Sportswear essentials for those in the north.

Just Classics, But Made Modern

The Just Don collection is built on the ideal of the word classic. And so is his wardrobe. The only difference between what he’s doing and everybody else wearing the same icons are that he’s breaking all the standards of what’s “supposed to be” and creating something completely new.

Vintage inspired hoodies might not traditionally be paired with basketball jerseys and track pants, but Don’s memo is bringing the different eras of classic together to form something that’s considered modern. Don C’s also completely sticking to the classics as the mainstays of his wardrobe – denim jackets, vintage tees, and cargo pants.

When basketball heritage meets rockstar personality.
The Jordan 4 has the cultural cache to pair with classic pieces off the court, like just about any vintage tee.
The basics for fanatics.
Shearling is one of the biggest trends this winter. It’s also an easy way for Don to offset with a black tee, pants and VLONE sneakers.
The premium way to take flight with a streetwear twist.
Winter colors with just a subtle pop of color.
All the sportswear brands go together. Agassi flavor on feet, Yeezy track pants, and a reverse weave Champion hoodie for a fresh take on the classics.
Even other designers can’t get enough of Jerry Lorenzo’s Air Fear of God 1.
Another way to pair your favorite jersey when it’s cold out. Layer it underneath one of your neutral hoodies.
The bougie way to dress up with sportswear.
Don does Timbs with his own flavor. Even LA has their way to layer for winter.
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신현준 님 멋지네요 

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밑에서 2번째 설명.... 한국어로 번역하면..

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던 씨!!

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